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EXPERIENCE what automotive and residential window film can do for you

Tinting the windows of your home can protect your home from glare, heat and sun damage. Preston’s Sun Control can help protect the interior of your home from sun damage caused by UV Rays. Simply by tinting your windows you can reduce energy costs and long lasting protection. It will keep your home cool in the summer by reflecting solar heat and keep your home warm in winter by capturing the heat of the sun’s rays. Preston’s Sun Control has been offering their window tinting services since 1998 to commercial and residential buildings. Our experienced staff has years of experience in window treatment applications.


  • Glare Reduction
  • Control Climate
  • Any Size Installations
  • Increase Employee Comfort
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Film available in frosts, patterns and textures
  • Property owners - Keep your current tenants happy and attract new ones